Koo Chung & Jinny Kim - NORCAL

By Broken For Good Productions (other events)

Sunday, November 3 2013 7:00 PM 9:30 PM

After a 7 year hiatus, both Jinny Kim and Koo Chung have resurfaced with new music to share!  Jinny's sophomore album "The Ugly Duckling and the Bittersweet January", and Koo's crowd-funded "Brick by Brick" combine to tell one powerful story of redemption during a time of darkness and uncertainty in their lives - a story they will share on November 3rd, at East Bay!
"NAME YOUR PRICE" - We are leaving it up to you!  First time listener or wanting to attend but finances are limited?  We figured $5 is a good place to start :)  If you're a long time friend & fan, and willing to give a little more to support Koo & Jinny on this tour (to help with all costs involved) your donation is welcomed and much appreciated!   Most importantly, Koo & Jinny want to share some new music & their story with you guys.  Hope you can make it out, and bring a  friend or two while you're at it!

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